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Beer Poster : the 73 Different Types of Beers in the World

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Find in this beer poster the diverse types of beers by fermentation, country of origin, color, and degree of bitterness.

Where does this delicious Pale Ale that you just tasted come from? What to choose when you like amber beer with little bitterness? Do all dark beers taste like Guinness? Discover in this beer poster the lager beers, amber beers and dark beers, their country of origin and their degree of bitterness.

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In this beer poster, each beer is rated according to its degree of bitterness (from slightly bitter to very bitter). Each type of beer is also represented: lager beers, amber beers and dark beers.

Where does beer come from?

The beer is obtained by fermentation of plants such as barley, corn, rice, banana, cassava… You can make beer with any plant that contains starch! Beer is the oldest known alcoholic beverage in the world and the most widely consumed beverage after water and tea.

The first cultivation of cereals such as barley and spelt dates to 8000 BC. All the ingredients needed to make beer were available at that time, so beer could exist and is estimated to have been invented in 6000 BC.

Beer poster: how beer is made

The production of beer is divided into 6 stages: malting, saccharification, boiling (or hopping), fermentation, storage and packaging

To produce beer, you need the right ingredients, which will be transformed throughout the manufacturing process.

The water, which makes up 85-95% of the beer, must be of good quality as it affects the taste of the beer. The role of water as a solvent allows the malt and hops to release their sugars and aromas. The malt (most often barley), and the hops which are a natural preservative and give the beer its bitterness, and finally the yeasts, which are the basis of the fermentation process.

Different types of beers

Beer poster: Ales

For Ale type beers (high fermentation):
Irish red ale, Scottish ale, scottish light, scottish heavy, scottish export, scotch, Belgian dubbel, Belgian tripel, belgian quadrupel, witbier, fruit witbier, belgian golden strong ale, belgian table beer, Spéciale belge, abbaye, trappiste, Saison, Cream ale, Kristallweizen, Weizenbock, Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen, Weizenbier, Berliner Weisse, altbier, Kölsch, wheat ale, fruit wheat ale, dark ale, strong ale, Amber ale, Blond Ale, Pale strong ale, Nederlands oud bruin, Bitter, Ordinary Bitter, Special / Best / Premium Bitter, Extra Special / Strong Bitter, pale ale, American Pale ale, English pale ale, indian pale ale, Imperial IPA, Dark IPA, old ale, Winter warmer, porter, Baltic Porter, Imperial porter, mild ale, barley wine, stout, imperial stout, irish dry stout, sweet stout, oatmeal stout, American stout, english stout, Export stout, english brown ale, english golden ale, english strong ale.

Beer poster: Lagers

For Lager type beers (low fermentation):
Pils, Bohemian pilsner, german pilsner, Malt Liquor, amber lager, dark lager, strong lager, pale lager, Ice lager, Bock, doppelbock, eisbock, maibock / hellesbock, märzen / oktoberfest, munich helles, munich dunkel, dortmunder / export, keller / zwickel, rauchbier, schwarzbier, Vienna.

Beer poster: Lambics

For Lambic type beers (spontaneous fermentation): Gueuze, Kriek, Fruits, Faro.

If you like beer, you may also appreciate our whisky guide, our world rum map or our French wine map? Our beer guide is also part of the Epicurean Pack, a pack of 6 posters. Take a look!

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Is the information on the poster verified?

Yes! Most of the time, our posters require hours of research. For example, we used the "Guide Larousse du Vin" for the Map of French Wines, and the "Guide Hachette des Whiskies" for the whisky poster.
We also go out into the field to interview "real people" and gather their opinions and knowledge. Finally, we cross-reference the information we have gathered with reliable sources on the web such as Wikipedia, just to be sure that our information is accurate.

How is the frame?

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Beer Poster : the 73 Different Types of Beers in the World

Find in this beer poster the 73 beers: lager beers, amber beers and dark beers, their country of origin and their degree of bitterness.
Stock selling fast - order today to avoid disappointment
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