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About Frog Posters

Hi 👋 I'm Melanie, the owner and designer of Frog Posters.

If you’re here,

It’s probably because you want to know what I do, why I do it, and maybe also find out who I am, just to make sure you are not being fooled. Good point.

Let’s start by keeping it short: with Frog Posters, I have a mission: to help you elevate your decor with beautiful, helpful and eco-friendly posters. In practical terms, my posters require hours of research, heated discussions, lots of coffee (or beer depending on the time) and cruel choices.

And to limit Frog Poster’s carbon footprint, my main weapon is print on demand. This is what allows me to avoid waste, and to print as close as possible to where you are.

Why am I doing all this?

Decoration has become disposable, objects are often manufactured far from home and we buy more and more, only to throw them away.

So rather than simply observing that this world is going to hell, I prefer to focus on what I can improve. And what I can do is to create wall art that combines usefulness, aesthetics and respect for the environment.

The idea is to slow down. To rediscover the pleasure of learning. To share our knowledge together.
frog posters - caribbean rum map poster

Decoration with meaning

I stand for the idea of learning spontaneously, by disconnecting from screens, and reconnecting to our desires and values at our own pace. The Frog Posters are an ode to the passionate, the curious, the bon vivants, the cheerful and the “folie douce”. .

I make few posters to make them well. I’d rather give it my all on a small number of posters than putting out many average posters. And sometimes I also create posters on subjects I like, just because I want it.

frog posters - beer poster of the beer types of the world

Sustainable decoration

All posters are entirely dreamt, planned and designed in France by myself. And to limit the impact of transportation and the thoughtless use of resources, I work together with a print on demand partner, that can print the posters in 24 countries, as close as possible to the place of delivery.

I also choose FSC-certified papers, that guarantees their traceability and responsible forest management.

frog posters - map of french wines poster

We are in this together

I prefer to remain transparent and guarantee fair prices that you will find all year long. This means that you will not find huge discounts, and that I I will not artificially inflate the prices to better plan sales and discounts.

I also donate a part of my turnover to associations that need it, and this year it’s VHL France that I support.

Who am I?

I am Mélanie Bezot-Trottet, the founder and illustrator of Frog Posters. I started by designing posters for my family and friends since 2017. The first-ever poster I created was the Beaufort Wind Force Scale for my dad, who loves windsurf. Then I thought : why not creating an online portfolio ? Soon, visitors started asking to buy the posters, and I decided to create some more and to make an online store.

With my fabulous husband Vincent, and my mischievous children Céleste and Timothée (they are now a bit older than on the picture), I live in Charleval in Provence, France. I have a bunch of cheerful and turbulent friends who support and refocus me, according to their mood.

I hate the smell of patchouli, duck mouth selfies, people who say “no offense”, flesh-colored leggings and videos of cats. I love summer thunderstorms, reading by the fire, cooking weird recipes, and drinking rosé outside with my friends.

And this is just the beginning!

I wish to be part of the French companies that defend the values of France, our gastronomy, our gentle way of life, our curiosities, our heritage.

I try to make useful posters that you will love, and to have fun in creating them. If you want to keep up with Frog Posters’s news, the easiest way is to subscribe to the newsletter and to follow me on social networks: check the links below!

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