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Cocktail Poster: 16 Recipes of the Best Cocktails

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What is a “White Russian”? What is the true recipe for Spritz? How to make a Mojito?
For relaxing evenings or a party with friends, discover the best recipes of classic cocktails in this cocktail poster.

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A museum quality paper that respects forests

A museum quality paper that respects forests

Your poster is printed on heavyweight matte white paper (200g), which has a natural, smooth, uncoated finish that is luxurious to the touch. The perfect option to stand the test of time.

This paper is produced from wood from sustainably and responsibly managed forests, which have FSC certification.

A quality wooden frame to showcase your poster

a quality wooden frame to showcase your poster

Our wooden frames are sturdy, durable and ready to hang instantly: the poster is delivered already framed.

The frames are made of pine and are available in 3 colors: black, white, and natural wood. To ensure that your poster retains all its splendor, we use transparent and unbreakable plexiglass to protect it from impacts.

10 reviews for Cocktail Poster: 16 Recipes of the Best Cocktails

  1. Leah

    First experience and honestly remarkable, the posters were beautiful.

  2. Molly

    Never disappointed I recommend

  3. Caroline

    Fast delivery and well protected poster!

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The best cocktails

For a festive aperitif, there is nothing like a great cocktail! That is the purpose of this poster. You will find the best cocktail recipes, and who knows, maybe some new ideas? And once you’ve exhausted this list, I invite you to check out more cocktail recipes here for some inspiration.

Your mission: create the cocktail that will make the party unforgettable. With fruit, vegetables, campari, rum or curaçao, here are the great classics cocktails and their recipes, gathered in this ultimate cocktail poster

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Cocktail Poster: Recipes of the Best Cocktails

Cocktail poster : Margarita
1/10 Lemon juice, 3/10 Cointreau, 6/10 Tequila

The gourmet Piña Colada
2/10 coconut cream, 3/10 white rum, 5/10 pineapple juice

The Colorful Mai Tai
6cl of Old Rum, 2cl of Triple Sec, 1cl of Cane sugar, 3cl of Lime, 1cl of Orgeat syrup

The elegant Cosmopolitan
5/10 Vodka, 3/10 Cointreau, 1/10 Lime, 1/10 Cranberry juice

Summer hit: the Spritz!
4cl Aperol or Campari, 6cl Prosecco, a dash of sparkling water

The undisputed Mojito
The juice of 1 Lime, 1 measure of Cuban Rum, 1 dash of Angostura, and Soda.

Planteur: Caribbean cocktail
1 dash of Angostura, 3/10 of Orange juice, 3/10 of Pineapple juice, 4/10 of White Rum

The sophisticated Champagne Cocktail
1 Bottle of Champagne, 10cl of Cointreau, 10cl of Cane syrup, 10cl of Lemon juice

A White Russian to warm up in winter
6cl of Vodka, 6cl of Coffee liqueur, 6cl of Liquid Crème fraîche

Americano, a taste of Italy
7/10 of Bitter Campari, 3/10 of Vermouth, a dash of Soda

The Caipirinha for a Brazilian atmosphere
1/2 Lime crushed, 1 teaspoon of Sugar, 1 measure of Cachaça

The recipe for the Sex on the Beach cocktail
3cl Vodka, 3cl Peach liqueur, 6cl Pineapple juice, 10cl Cranberry juice

The Manhattan, New York style
A few drops of Angostura, 3/10 of Vermouth, 7/10 of Whisky

The Old Fashioned, the vintage cocktail
6cl of Bourbon, 1 cube of Sugar, 3 dashes of Angostura

Gin Fizz for bubbles
6cl Gin, 4cl Lemon juice, 2cl Cane syrup, 12cl Sparkling water

And finally, the Tequila Sunrise
7/10 of Orange juice, 3/10 of Tequila, finish with a dash of Grenadine syrup

Where do classic cocktails come from?

Cocktails do not come from the United States, but from England, between the 17th and 18th century. At that time, drinking water was adventurous, and the risk of diseases was high: cholera, dysentery, typhoid…
Cocktails were therefore created to drink in a “safer” way by mixing strong alcohol with aromatic concentrates.
The many British colonies helped discovering new alcohols such as Rum, and many spices. It is also in Great Britain that was created the gin, ideal base for the confection of cocktails because it was not very interesting gustatively, and it is probably the gin tonic which would be the ancestor of our cocktails.

What is the origin of the word “cocktail”?

The word cocktail comes from the Anglo-American “cocktailed” in the 18th century and comes from the world of… horse riding!
Originally, horses’ tails were cut off to differentiate between bastards and thoroughbreds. As a joke, the remaining tuft of hair was compared to a cock tail. Over time, this expression has come to designate men of questionable morals before passing into common parlance, to characterize the “cocktail”: a drink composed of mixtures, therefore “bastard”.


30×40 cm / 12×16″, 50×70 cm / 20×28″, 70×100 cm / 28×40″


Poster in English


200g (80lb) uncoated museum quality paper


No frame, Black frame, White frame, Wooden frame


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livraison gratuite dans le monde entier

Free shipping from € 50

Fièrement fabriqué en France

Proudly made in France

♻️ Sustainable Production

♥️ Rated 4,9/5 based on 362 reviews

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