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Butcher Cuts of Meat Poster : beef cuts, lamb, pork and poultry

From 29,00

From 29,00

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Butcher Cuts of Meat Poster : beef cuts, lamb, pork and poultry

From 29,00

Perfect for barbecues and dinners: learn how to cut beef the French way, and how to cut lamb, pork and poultry! This butcher poster will make you an expert. Where is the sirloin located? What is the round? From the leg to the collar, from the shank to the loin, find all the butcher’s cuts in a single poster

How is the frame?

It's a 1 to 2 cm thick (0.4 to 0.8″) wood frame, paired with unbreakable clear plexiglas. Its flawless design and the choice between 3 colors will match any room and any style. It has a hanging kit to hang it on the wall vertically and horizontally. The frame and poster are delivered unassembled.

Frog Posters cadres frames
Frog Posters cadres frames

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Frog Posters is a French lifestyle brand. It's culture on your walls, your cheat sheet, a wink to your curiosity, to your gourmet side, it's a glass of rosé between friends. No stock, the posters are designed by Melanie, then printed on-demand as close as possible to the place of delivery to limit our carbon footprint. Discover our mission!

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Butcher’s cuts of meat: Know the names of the parts

Knowing the cuts of meat is an art! The cutting of meat in butchery takes different names according to the way of detailing the pieces, and the place where they were taken from the carcass.

The names of the butcher’s cuts vary from country to country, as do the names of the beef, lamb, pork and poultry cuts. In this poster, we have displayed the beef cuts according to the French cutting style. For good measure, you will also find lamb, pork and poultry cuts.

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Butchery : the meat parts

Before we begin, it is essential to know that our way of cutting meat is quite unique. For example, France is the only country to work and cut beef in this way and with so many parts. In this butcher’s poster you will find the cuts of beef, lamb, pork and poultry that you can find in a traditional French butchery. We will also detail their uses below.

What are the different cuts of beef?

Paleron, onglet, araignée… It’s hard to find your way around the different cuts of beef! Our butcher’s cuts poster shows the location of the various beef cuts.

Butcher’s store: beef parts – the back

  • Rond de gîte : Muscle forming part of the sole, located on the lower thigh The heel round is a long, round piece of beef thigh. To be roasted or in carpaccio.
  • Gîte / shin : piece of beef from the hind leg. To be braised or roasted.
  • Tranche : Muscle of the upper thigh. To roast or tournedos style.
  • Tende de tranche : lean meat, not very stringy and crossed by fine fatty veins. In meat fondue or grilled.
  • Araignée / Spider : Muscle located at the level of the pelvis. Remove bludgeons before grilling.
  • Gîte à la noix / round : located on the lower part of the leg, perfect for braised and spit-roasted beef
  • Poire : Muscle located in the upper thigh To be grilled, or in carpaccio.
  • Merlan : Muscle located on the middle of the internal face of the front leg. As a steak
  • Rumsteck : Part of the rump to be grilled, or tournedos style

Cuts of Beef: the middle

  • Faux-filet / Sirloin : Part located at the end of the dorsal vertebrae. For grilling, roasting or tournedos style.
  • Filet / Tenderloin : The tenderloin is the most tender meat of beef. Located in the back, it is perfect for steak, tournedos or Chateaubriand.
  • Aiguillette baronne / top of the rump : Piece of meat located in the groin area To grill or roast. Previously this piece was reserved for the mayor.
  • Onglet / top skirt : located under the belly and under the sirloin. To be roasted.
  • Hampe / skirt : long, flat strip of meat with large fibers. To be roasted.
  • Bavette / flap : Muscle located at the level of the belly. To be roasted.
  • Flanchet : Perfect for pot-au-feu and boiled meats.
  • Côte de boeuf et entrecôte / Prime Rib, Rib Eye and T-bone: Parts from the middle of the back. To be roasted.
  • Plat de côtes / rib dish : For simmered dishes, stews, soups or broths.
  • Tendron : Piece of meat constituting the lower wall of the thorax
  • Milieu de poitrine / Mid-chest : Muscle located on the front of the chest. In chopped form mixed with other parts.

Butcher’s store: beef parts – the front

  • Macreuse / scoter : Muscle located on the middle in the foreleg.
  • Paleron / chub : lean piece to roast.
  • Jumeau / twin: muscle located in front of the foreleg. Braised, sautéed or chopped.
  • Collier / collar : particularly suitable for stews, casseroles or simmered dishes.

Butcher’s cuts of meat: lamb

Leg, breast, ribs, neck… Don’t know where the various cuts of lamb are located? Our poster shows the location of the different cuts of lamb: collar, breast, open side, shoulder, prime and secondary ribs, top rib, tenderloin, saddle, leg.

Butcher’s store: pork parts

To continue with our butcher cuts, here are the pieces of pork meat: ham, hock, point, filet, tenderloin, belly, loin, loin, chuck, shank, rib dish.

Butcher’s store: chicken parts

Finally, our butcher’s poster shows the chicken cuts: Wing, breast, drumstick and leg.

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30×40 cm, 50×70 cm, 70×100 cm


Poster in English


200g (80lb) uncoated museum quality paper


No frame, Black frame, White frame, Wooden frame


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